Brian is a regional manager for BTC who oversees many of its bars, including VA-11 Hall-A.

Appearance Edit

Brian is a olive skinned man with dark, wavy hair. He wears a dark grey BTC long sleeve jacket over a white collared shirt and a black turtle neck skin suit.

Personality Edit

Brian is a fairly laid back but professional individual who appreciates hard work. When BTC started closing a number of its bars, Brian is willing to appeal against VA-11 Hall-A's closure because it is one of the few bars in Glitch City that never got any complaints.

Plot Edit

Brian comes by on day 7 to discuss some business with Dana. While he's waiting, he asks Jill to treat him like any other patron and orders a couple of drinks. He discusses the current state of affairs at BTC with Jill and why so many bars are getting axed.

Order list Edit