CALICOMP (stylized as CALICOMP) is the OS in every device found in VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action.

It is the most popular brand of computer hardware and software this side of dystopia, and the moe OS for the bartending software used in VA-11 Hall-A. [1]

The Operating System was introduced during the 2060s. It's copyrighted "Keere Joe Group" and a registered trademark of "Banjo Group". Its main colors are white and blue and the logo features a chibi face.

Early DesignEdit

  • During development.
  • Pink wallpaper.

In its early concept, the OS would have allowed the player to add recipes and change the wallpaper, but those features never saw the light of day.

The pink wallpaper can still be found in the final game's resources, which can be seen on the development blog.

Startup VideoEdit



 Trivia Edit

  • "Keere Joe Group" is a nod to Kirijo Group (which is a part of Nanjo Group) featured in Persona 3.


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