Mario is a delivery man who initially visits VA-11 Hall-A acting like a tough guy, but then changes when Jill heavily chastises him for doing such a thing for respect.

Appearance Edit

He has a relatively unkempt haircut and attempts to appear as a stereotypical tough biker, sporting typical biker attire, sticking to a red biker jacket with goggles strapped to his left arm.

Personality Edit

At his first appearance, he tries to put up a tough front, acting rude to Jill in order to keep up that front, but eventually, underneath, he is actually much different. After this front is changed by Jill, he acts more like himself, and he changes his typical drink orders to be more girly, and he even asks Jill if Gillian is single.

Plot Edit

Order list Edit

The following are the list of drinks which Mario will ask for during the course of the game's story (drinks in italics are ones that aren't explicitly asked for but will not be classified as mistakes if given):

December 21 (Day 9)
December 27 (Day 15)

Trivia Edit

  • Mario's appearance and love of motorcycles is a direct homage to Shotaro Kaneda, the main protagonist of the cyberpunk film Akira.

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