Jill: Does anyone know of childhood romances that succeeded in real life?
"Fore": You're just lonely.

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— Jill's reaction

The thread titled Miki Concert 2 appears in the app DANGER/U/, the same day as the Miki concert thread.


| In the last thread: Anon wants to confess her feelings to her best friend.


| And how is she? I bet she's one of those cute, clueless girls who can't catch your signals.

| Hmmm, you say that, but she can be incredibly sharp sometimes.

| So I was right! That's going to be difficult, now you have to be direct and to the point

| I'm afraid that's going to be the case here. . . n-not that I'm actually in love, stop!


| Stop being such an attention whore, we are here for Miki.

| Come on, Anon, don't be mean. We just want to help a fellow Miki sister!

| y-you don't have to fight because of me! It wasn't my intention to derail the thread.

| Don't pay attention to her, everyone else here wants to help you!

| I'm a guy

| >I'm a guy

Now who's the attention whore again?

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