"Fore": How was your first kiss?
Jill: I tripped into a guy. It hurt
like hell.

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— Jill's reaction.

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Miki concert 4

| In the last thread: NO SHIT-

| Did that one anon left?

| I think so.

| I never left, I was just
lurking to not cause any

| Don't worry, we're here for
you ^^

| Any Ideas for the great
revelation? Do you know if you
like her yet?

| Look, I just don't want to
ruin our friendship... we know
each other since we were very

| So she's your childhood
friend!? IT'S LIKE ONE OF MY

| Y-yeah...

| OK this is what you have to
do: When Miki ends singing
Lovers in Paradise... You kiss

| K-K-KISS!?!?!

| OF COURSE! just try to imag-
ine how magical that moment
would be, with the fireworks
and the epic guitar solo...

| I... I will think about

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