Nacho Tumbleweed Jr. is a Rad Shiba's boss from the Canine Independent Rescue Association.

Appearance Edit

Nacho is a Shiba Inu who wears a dark black shirt and an eye patch over his left eye.

Personality Edit

Nacho has a gruff and no-nonsense attitude. He believes very much in providing for those under the care of CIRA.

Background Edit

At some point before the events of the game, Nacho founded the Canine Independent Rescue Association (CIRA for short).

Order ListEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Nacho's appearance and demeanor is references to Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, although Nacho's eyepatch is on the opposite side from Big Boss'.
  • Similar eyepatch was worn by Solid Snake in MGS4.
    • CIRA is described as being an organization that seeks to let dogs be dogs in a place where they can be comfortable. This is similar to how Big Boss wanted to create a nation where soldiers wouldn't be abandoned.
  • Nacho has a very low opinion of the Seifar Toy Company, referring to them as "those Seifar bitches."