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Sukeban Games is the game studio that made VA-11 Hall-A. They are based in Venezuela and were officially founded in 2014, although they started off as a blog for discussing Japanese popular culture.

So far they've made three games: VA-11 Hall-A, Sales Pitch, and Blazing Food. They were once in the process of making a visual novel titled "Devil's Journal Tony T" that would have had at least thirty different endings. However Sukeban has said this "proved to be way too ambitious for our skills at the time" and they decided to put the project on the back burner. Instead they focused on making smaller games for game jams, which is how they started on VA-11 Hall-A.

Members of Sukeban GamesEdit

  • Christopher Ortiz (Design, Visuals)
  • Fernando Damas (Writer, Programmer)

Contact and Social MediaEdit



List of Games/Visual Novels Edit

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