"Vella" is a cosplayer who briefly visits VA-11 Hall-A along with Essentia on her way to the Athena Convention Center.

Appearance Edit

Vella is fairly tall, with somewhat short, purplish hair, just below shoulder length, slightly pale skin and a prominent bust. She has thin eyebrows, arched in an almost sceptical expression at all times, as well as a small mouth and large, brown eyes. She wears a red coat with a white collar and a purple coat, the same shade as her hair, displaying a fair bit of cleavage.

Personality Edit

Plot Edit

Order list Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Vella's cosplay group, YIIK, is a reference to the video game of the same name. One of the main characters is called Vella, whom this character is cosplaying as.
    • YIIK is published by Ysbryd Games, who is also the publisher for VA-11 Hall-A.

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