Jill: So that's what she meant by a tea-like drink...
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— Jill's reaction.

The thread titled What I do to relax appears in the app Kira Miki Blog.



It's been very hectic as of
late, so I'd like to share with
you what I do to relax!

Sitting on rooftops: I'm on the
road most of the time, so I
don't have a specific rooftop
to relax on!

I like to feel the breeze and
see a beautiful vista. It makes
me think about life~

Tea cocktails: Oh this is
something I can't live without.
Mixing tea with vodka, rum,
gin, lime, you name any tasty
and natural combination and
I'll be all over it!

I'm very careful about getting
tipsy before a show though, I
wouldn't like to ruin your
evening (●´ Д`)♡

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